County Government is in rock solid fiscal shape. During County Executive Picente’s time in office the County has stabilized the property tax rate, including no increase in the property tax levy for two years in a row. County Government operates with the fewest county employees since the 1970s. There is a healthy fund balance and revenues have increased, without raising taxes. The national credit rating agencies routinely raise the County’s outlooks and ratings.

In 2013 we settled twenty plus years of legal disputes and entered into the historic Oneida Indian Nation Settlement Agreement. We have rethought how the County should operate. We have consolidated services and professionalized others, like our 911 Systems and adopting a Medical Examiner system.

Project ARGO
In 2013 County Executive Picente announced ARGO: Actions to Realign Government Operations. This project has one goal, to get local governments to come together and consolidate and/or share services where possible to save the taxpayer’s money and make government more responsible to the people they serve. Some success have occurred. From sharing fueling capabilities in Waterville to consolidated mail carrier services in the City of Utica. This is a 500,000 dollar investment that will cover the initial cost of government consolidation which will bring longterm relief to the taxpayer.